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Begins Monday August 2nd at 1pm EST.
Ends Wednesday August 4th at 1pm EST.
One married her dead husband's kid brother, another was a real witch, one left her child motherless and still another turned one too many heads.

Meet four of Henry the VIII's most intriguing wives—and my inspiration for my very regal polish collection for A/W 2010.

Okay, so I was already engrossed in the Tudor novel Wolf Hall when the Fall collections hit the runway. Givenchy's intricate brocades, Lanvin's feather-festooned metallics, and the strong, powerful neutrals at Celine hit the runway, all seemed reminiscent of the queens' elaborate wardrobes. I had my inspiration for Rescue Beauty Lounge's Autumn/Winter color collection.

Now for the who's who of Hampton Court:
Catherine—Henry the VIII's first wife and Europe's first female ambassador inspired this royal purple with a fine pewter sheen and hints of blue and fuschia shimmer.
Anne—Rumored to be a sorceress, Henry's second wife lends her short-lived name to this bewitching olive green with a subtle pink-gold metallic iridescence.
Jane—my (current) favorite polish, named for Henry's favorite wife, is a pale grey pearl with sheer washes of pink and gold.
Catherine H.—Like Henry's trophy wife, you'll lose your head for this shimmering Wedgewood blue hue with a hint of a gold- and pink-flecked darkening sky.

Needless to say, my loyal VIP subjects, these colors are going to fly off the shelves like, well, Tudor heads off shoulders. But as this Queen's favorite, you're first in line. So I order thee to...pre-order now for shipping the 2nd week of September!

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