A Beautiful Life Soy Nail Polish Remover

I was also sent A Beautiful Life's own soy nail polish remover.  It's big 3 free, soy based and non-toxic, safe for kids, recyclable packaging, gentle and effective and has a mild scent of grapefruit.  The smell was very faint for me but it was different from the smell of acetone for sure.

The top of this bottle is a small screw top which I wasn't sure if it was just a gaping hole or what, but nope, it's a little squeeze bottle that you can either let drip onto your cotton ball/pad, or squeeze the plastic bottle to get it on the cotton ball/pad.

I prefer cotton rounds, so I squeezed a little bit out onto my cotton round.

It looks a little oily from here and being soy based, there is a bit of an oil like residue that is left on your hands.  Not sure if you can tell that my nail and cuticle looks shiny here.

Now, the bottle states to wash your hands thoroughly after using, which I did and really felt like I had to because I'm not into having oily hands - I'm used to Zoya Remove+.  It did take a little rubbing for me to get my polish off my nails - it wasn't like a glitter scrubbing procedure but it wasn't a quick swipe either.  It was nice to have an alternative to acetone, especially when I'm trying to swatch several polishes in a day.  Like I need dry(er) cuticles at this point!  ^_^  Overall, I'm pleased with A Beautiful Life.  While the polish and remover is more than I pay for typically, this also has the all natural products in it, which is important.

A Beautiful Life soy polish remover is available on their website [official store] for $20 a bottle.