Models Own Promotion

I have been lemming Models Own for awhile now - they are a company across the pond and so that means I have to figure out Euros again but also shipping costs.  Well, right now they are on a quest to get 10,000 "Likes" on Facebook before the end of August.  You can read more here.  When then get to 10,000, they will send all of the Facebook fans an exclusive voucher which will give you to 50% off your order when you spend £20 or more!*

Now, Facebook and blogging has been a tricky thing, I've noticed.  I work for a game/application on Facebook, so I literally am friends with every one I work with, my producer, my supervisor, my boss, my CEO even.  My CEO has talked to me on Twitter.  My whole social networking scene has all been public for awhile.  I've lost friends from it, I've gained friends from it.  It's been interesting.  But I've also noticed that some people are very reluctant to "Like" something on Facebook because it shows their full name on the page and then it shows up on their Facebook feed.  Facebook does allow some privacy measures still, but unless you work there (or for a company that works with Facebook like me), it can be hard to find everything.  Facebook is also changing how applications get to access some of your profile space starting August 23rd, but that's way off topic now.

The point is, I want Models Own stuff - haha, so please do go to their Facebook Fan Page and click "Like" - it won't hurt you!  They are more than halfway there, but they need your help!

*Terms and Conditions
  1. The 50% discount voucher will only be available if the Models Own Facebook page reaches 10,000 likes by August 31, 2010
  2. The voucher entitles UK customers to 50% off any order of £20 or more
  3. The voucher entitles International customers to 50% off any order of £30 or more after the discount has been applied
  4. Discount voucher cannot be used with any other vouchers or offers
  5. Standard delivery minimums and rates apply for all orders
  6. If we feel your order contains an unusual amount of items, we reserve the right to charge you more postage. We will contact you by email first to ensure you accept the extra charges. If not, we will promptly issue you with a refund