Spoiled Ants In My Pants

I have a lot of nail polish right now, so I try to stay away from the stores but when I saw what looked a bit like deborah lippmann Ruby Red Slippers, I had to grab a bottle.  Spoiled by Wet n Wild is a CVS-exclusive line of nail polish - 72 colors in all & all Big-3 free.  They sell for about $2 for a 0.50 fl oz bottle.  The first thing that caught me was the brush.

It's wide and flat which helps me sometimes in painting but I know it's not for everyone.

This is Ants In My Pants, and I decided to test it out several ways.  On my index and middle fingers I have on China Glaze Adventure Red-y, then 2 cots of Ants in My Pants.  My ring finger is just 3 coats of Ants by itself.  My pinkie is 2 coats of Ants over 1 coat of Sephora black.  As you can see, Ants In My Pants is a large and small red glitter in a slightly black base.  I did not use a top coat.

I'm not sure if I like it over red or black better but I definitely do not care for this color by itself (ring finger).  It's just too sheer and I can't justify more than 3 coats, even if it is a $2 bottle of polish.

Here in the shade, I really think I love this color over red the best.  It really gives it a blood-red feel - great for Halloween!

Here's a shot in indirect sun.  Still loving it over red the best.  I used to only wear glitters over black but you just lose so much.

Finally indoors with the flash.

Additionally, here's a close up of the different layering options.

For $2, this really isn't a bad deal.  It's not a dead on dupe for the Ruby Red Slippers - there is a lot less glitter on the nail - it's a good alternative in a pitch.  Only real hassle is because this only sold at CVS, you have to live near one.

Spoiled by Wet n Wild is a CVS-exclusive line of nail polish sold for $2 for a 0.50 fl oz bottle.

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