C.O. Bigelow Highlights Italian Beauty Imports

I've always loved looking at C.O. Bigelow products but it's a bit hard to come by for someone in Texas.  Regardless, they are expanding their lines with some amazing Italian imports.  Please enjoy the following press release!  (All images courtesy of Tractenberg)

C.O. Bigelow has long been a New York Institution, known for carrying wonderful and unique products from around the globe. Their eclectic selection is one of the reasons that C.O. Bigelow has such a loyal customer base. New Yorkers-in-the-know and celebs have been flocking to C.O. Bigelow for years to pick up their fave items.

Italy has long been known for its exquisite craftsmanship and deep rooted traditions. This is the case for C.O. Bigelow’s latest Italian beauty imports, Alighiero Campostrini Season Soap Collection, Alighiero Campostrini Soap in Origano (Oregano) and Proraso Refreshing and Toning Formula Collection.

Alighiero Campostrini Season Soap Collection

§  For over a century Alighiero Campostrini in Florence, Italy has been producing luxurious, high-quality artisan soap using ancient Tuscan soap-making recipes and techniques. These coveted formulas have been used and guarded by the family since 1894, as well as the great cultural heritage of Italian soap production. True to this honored heritage, Alighiero Campostrini continues to produce soap according to these ancient traditions as it always has done, since its founding. Each unique bar is made by hand using antique bronze molds cherished by the company through the generations. 

§  Season Soap Collection is available in:

§  Bar Silk (Seta) - Vegetable Natural Bar Soap with Lettuce Extracts.

§  Linen (Lino) - Vegetable Natural Bar Soap with Marine Extracts.

§  Cotton (Cotone) - Vegetable Natural Bar Soap with Rosa Mosqueta Oil.

§  Cashmere (Cashmere) -  Extra mild vegetable bar soap.

Price: $10 each

Where to buy: Exlusively at C.O. Bigelow


Alighiero Campostrini Soap in Origano (Oregano)

This beautiful soap evokes a walk through warm Italian oregano-covered mountain paths bathed in sunlight. The speckles inside the soap are made with real oregano, renowned for its antiseptic and tonic properties, which give this soap a extremely gentle exfoliating property without scratching the skin. This bar produces a wonderfully creamy lather that leaves the skin feeling soft, fresh and lightly scented. Great for both men and women.

Price: $26

Where to buy: Exlusively at C.O. Bigelow


This refreshing and toning formula offers an immediate cooler feel after shaving. Eucalyptus oil purifies and tones the skin. Menthol invigorates and revitalizes, leaving skin feeling renewed and fresh. No parabens, No silicons, No mineral oils.

Price: Pre Shave Cream ($13), Shave Foam ($9), Shaving Cream ($10), Shave Soap in Jar ($9), After Shave Lotion ($14)

Where to buy: C.O. Bigelow & www.bigelowchemists.com