Nail Files: Down The Rabbit Hole Breakdown

Image Courtesy of TV Guide Network Facebook Page

In The Salon
Katie is having the party for the grand opening of the Hair and Makeup Bar with an Alice In Wonderland theme and from the promos last week, it looks like the party is going to be a big lights out.  I am with Katie on the Photobooth thing - you need a Photobooth to market.  Jin, you suck and Jim, thanks for calling him out.

So it's party time and when Katie realizes her "photobooth" (the photographer with a big printer) is putting out the logo the PRINTED NAIL, oh hey - the power goes out... because of the printer.  Oh but it gets better... the cops show up because a disgruntled neighbor doesn't want the smooth sounds of Kenny G.  The cops tell them to just pipe down a bit and the rest of the party is a hit.  Congratulations Katie!

Celebrity Sighting!
I spy Amy and her amazing cupcakes!  Go buy some cookies from her (she ships!) - you won't regret it.  Additionally there were a ton of people at the party - Sheryl Burke, Kenny G, Peggy (Housewives of OC)... and Katie's siblings!!!!

In Katie's Life
The comment about Katie's about "down the rabbit hole" for a pair of shoes...  So did she get her shoes?

The Mish Mash
Did those guys SERIOUSLY ask how to spell "LOVE"? And did they seriously spell it wrong?

Random, in case you missed it, Katie is now repping imPRESS nails - the commercials you see during Nail Files with Nicole Scherzinger.  Katie's favorite is the "color me" because they are clear and she's able to wear several different colors at once - super helpful when she's choosing new colors for her collection (speaking of, I bought Barbara, Marilyn and Coco - will be reviewing soon!).

Did anyone else feel like Katie was a little Snooki "Party's here."  I'm serious!!!  Snooki, season 1... Katie, this episode.  Someone mishmash it for me.  

I can't wait until next week - looks like I have more Joyce time.