Nail Files: High Heels and Low Class Breakdown

Image Courtesy of TV Guide Network Facebook Page

In The Salon
Katie is having a party with booty parlor products [Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube] and has invited a small select group of staff to join.  Can you smell the disaster about to happen?  Add a stripper pole, some crotchless panties and a drunk Joyce and watch the fireworks.  Katie calls Joyce up to her office to explain and Joyce could care less.  This girl is just asking to never be hired again - anywhere.

Katie is looking at franchising!!!  I think one would do amazingly well in Austin, Texas but even that is too far away from me (4 hours).  However, you know I'd go to it!  I don't know if there is a Painted Nail Miami yet - haven't played with Google yet.

Celebrity Sighting!
Alex and Donya but who are they?  My Google search resulted zero results.  Anyone else know?  Edit: I think they may be the twins behind Condition Culture?

In Katie's Life
TV Guide has offered Katie the opportunity to do some stand up on their new show Standup in Stilettos.  Katie did some stand up when she first moved to LA so this was right up her alley, but she hadn't done any in awhile so this was going to be interesting.  She tried to start off with her nail salon jokes but Katie forgot the number one rule of public speaking... know your audience!  So she started some improv off the crowd and it went much better.  During the real thing for TV Guide, she had a pretty decent time.  I haven't watched it yet myself, but I'm going to check my On Demand and see what I can find.

The Mish Mash
I do believe the yellow Louboutins that Katie wore to Standup in Stilettos were the ones she wore last year to Cosmoprof.  I could be wrong but I don't think I am...