Nail Files: Pageants & Parties & Plumbers, Oh My! Breakdown

Image Courtesy of TV Guide Network Facebook Page

Okay, seriously, I don't know what's wrong with my DVR, but I'm slightly angry (#firstworldproblems). First it didn't record Nail Files because "no new episode was airing" (uh what?), and then when it was time for the repeat at 11:00 CST, the episode was showing the information for Episode 2 when this is clearly Episode 4. Come on DirecTV, you're killing me here. 

In The Salon
Katie is hosting a party but Jin (the sponsorship guru) is not able to secure any money/sponsorships and Katie is going to have to dish out $10k.  Girl, that's like... a lot of months of work for me.  Sponsorships are definitely important when you're hosting a party.  With just a few days to go, Katie has to really kick it into high gear to get this party started ('on a Saturday night?') but then....

So above the shampoo bowl (are you kidding me?), the bathroom is leaking and a huge water bubble is puckering.  The girls have the bright idea to just pop it, but thankfully they call Katie first who thinks to call a plumber... who fixes the pipe but then leaves a hole in the ceiling.  Katie pulls in some awesome barter skills to get a contractor there TODAY and he pulls through.  No more worrying that your face will be covered in sewage while getting your hair washed.  (Ugh, I'm shuddering at that thought.)

Joyce - man I don't know what to even think about you.  Long story short, after apologizing to Katie for walking out last episode, she then texts Anna and gives a 2 week notice.  Hey real worlders: don't give your 2 week notice via text message.  It's a great way to be blacklisted from other jobs, especially when you do it and you're being filmed for a reality show.  Seriously?

Celebrity Sighting!
The amazing people of Quigley-Simpson.  They are seriously know what they are doing and I am so glad that Katie was able to meet with them.  They have worked with Chase, Oral-B, Olay, & Jillian Michaels to name a few.

In Katie's Life
In case you forgot, Katie was judging the Gold Coast Toddler's Pageant, and one of the pageant coaches was after Katie because she wasn't doing his niece's nails the way he wanted them (French tip).  Enjoy your 15 minutes dude, I'm sure it was worth it.  Meanwhile, the pageant is in full swing and Katie has said what a lot of us are thinking and it rhymes with "mutty."  Oh and time for the zinger - Katie deducted for French manicures on the kids.  HAH!  Can I high five you please?  

The Mish Mash
Katie, what is up with the smashed iPhone screen?  You need an Otterbox, fast.

Ah!!! Okay, so while I was at dinner with Katie, she showed us these 3D nails - and now on this episode she's TALKING about it!  Now, I know they were still in prototype in July but she had several designs in the works.  You can check my post here to see what she had set up - can't wait to see the final product!  (Also, you might recognize a certain someone in the pictures, but my mouth is hush hush on that part in case it's talked about later this season!)