Marc Anthony HairCare Fall 2012 Trends

Fashion Week has come and gone and it's been all about the hair, the makeup and (most importantly) the nails!  However, I felt inspired to get my hair curled this past weekend and while it only lasted a few hours, I was happy with the results.

So what does an actual expert have to say about the Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Hair Trends?  Well, keep reading to find out what Marc Anthony is predicting.

One ‘Faithfull’ Muse and Two Looks for
Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Hair
We live for this season with a massive love for the new fall/winter feeling. Fall’s fashion is a well travelled look, tailored and at times very traditional yet fresh. It feels sort of posh from the inside; by that we mean it’s about the cut and the fabric more than instant impact that blinds you. Hair follows suit with natural ease and simplicity, a bit more refinement and a versatility that lends itself to any outfit and any occasion. 

There is a bit of color in this season’s collection (a few designers did bold and bright) but for the most part the colors are muted. It is nice to not have it be all about black.  We see trousers vs. pants and a very feminine masculine. Sizzi, the designer for Giulietta, said it best, “I want it to feel traditional but happy and playful.”

With this in mind we went to work creating our trends for the season. Our muse: MARIANNE FAITHFULL. That sort of sexy, ‘just woke up’ look that somehow works with wide length trousers, tweeds and evening wear. Two looks, one woman and Marc Anthony products. 

A dash of the mysterious; so perfect with this year’s well travelled look. We adore how long the layers are with this cut. They are softer than we have seen from a technical point of view. We cut into the ends of the layers to ensure they sort of dissipate vs. just ending crisply. These waves are a bit more polished than we have seen in the last while and we love that they are well groomed. 

  1. Get some movement going: Start with freshly washed hair and a bit of Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray to get some volume and wave started. If your hair is fine flip your head over and scrunch as you dry to help achieve a bit of extra volume as well as movement.  Once hair is dried you will need a large barrel curling iron, Pro Finish Hairspray and some clips.

  1. Curling iron: Starting at the bottom, part hair into 2-inch sections across using clips to keep rest of the hair out of the way. You want the sections large because this wave is very loose. Spray with Pro Finish and very loosely wrap hair around the barrel (start wrapping hair from about two inches down), holding for a few seconds. As you move up the head begin dropping the sections lower each time. Repeat this until you are finished.

  1. Finish: Take a bit of Oil of Morocco Argan Oil, rub it into your fingertips and then use your fingertips as a comb to work out the waves into a natural finish.  A natural bristle brush will give this look a bit of extra polish.

This is such a polished, natural look. Again shorter hair with longer layers is an important message for this season. We love the definition of the perimeter and the softness of the interior. A big round brush, some bye.bye.Frizz Blow Dry Cream and Dry Shampoo is all you need. 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo is more than just that. Though it is amazing at removing dirt, grime and oil it is also a volumizer, which is as ‘pro tip’ as you can on! Let’s walk through the way to achieve this look.

  1. Blow out: A large round natural bristle brush will give you just the right amount of volume and bend at the ends. You want this look to have a natural finish so the larger the brush the better. Apply the Blow Dry Cream and blow dry hair section by section. If your hair is fine roll up and pin each section after you dry it to help ‘set’ the hair.

  1. Add shine: Once hair is dry add Oil of Morocco Argan Oil to your fingertips and run it through your hair before using the natural bristle brush to give your hair a good brushing. The Oil helps to lock in shine.

  1. Volumize: Now, take your Dry Shampoo and apply it to the scalp; you want to spray about six inches from the root area. Leave it be for a couple of minutes then with your fingertips shake it out. Seriously, that’s a wrap.