Cult Nails Happy Ending

As I mentioned earlier, I'm getting over a nasty upper respiratory infection but am trying to keep you entertained with some awesome polish!  My desk looks a bit like the following polish - covered in pretty colors!  Today I have Cult Nails Happy Ending, an array of shredded glitters in a clear base.  I decided to put it over my Time Traveler manicure.  This is 2 coats of HE followed by Wicked Fast.

So for the most part, the glitter is shredded in medium chunks but I had this one amazingly huge piece that was stuck to the top of my brush, so naturally, I included it in my manicure.  Fun and fantastic!

Believe it or not, I found that my polish was actually pretty smooth after just one coat of Wicked Fast top coat.  Normally I have to pull out my Lynnderella Glitter Tamer for items like this.  As for "How does it compare to Happy Birthday" or any other multicolored glitter, I'd have to say it's the shredding - irregular in shape and size which makes this super unique.  Also I love how well it applied to the nail.  I didn't have to fish my brush around or store my bottle upside down to make the glitter fall to the brush.  Excellent purchase!

Cult Nails [Website | Facebook | Twitter | Blog | Instagram: CultNails] is available in their shop for $12 a bottle.