BB Couture Eros

My absolutely favorite part of blogging is learning about new nail polish colors, finishes, and companies!  BB Couture is definitely a polish I had never heard of before blogging but it's one of those you definitely should check out.  Not only do they offer an array of colors and finishes, but they also have a line specifically created for men (and loved by women!).  Eros is from the "A Touch of Greece" collection and is an interesting light avocado green with a bit of grey and has very very faint traces of silver shimmer and even a sporadic black micro glitter specs (like literally, you might get one per nail).  This is quite unlike anything I can think of that I own, so I was excited to try it first.

Now before I start my review - let me tell you about BB Couture.  Here is their official website.  What I think is so cool is that throughout their website, in addition to bottle pictures, they have actual swatches from various sources/bloggers.  Now that is cool - because we all know that what's in the bottle doesn't always look like what's on our nails.  In the men's products, that's actually a man wearing nail polish - and I think it's pretty awesome, personally.  Seriously, check out his flickr (linked above).  I like a guy with well manicured hands and feet - it shows a lot of thought in my eyes.  Now, onto the review!

I used BB Couture's sticky base coat called Grip-Base (available for $11.95), 2 coats of Eros, and a top coat of BB Couture's top coat called Top-Rock (available for $11.95).  Cindy, owner of BB Couture sent them in my press packet but mentioned that you can use any base/top coat you want.  I found that Grip-Base was easy to work with, Eros had a nice smooth formula, and Top-Rock did dry fairly quickly for me.

Ruffles have ridges... and so do my nails.  I really need to do something about them.  As you can see, this is more of a creme polish than a shimmer even though there is shimmer in it.  It's very camo retro to me.  Nice!

Not too much difference in the shade but this makes it look very smooth - almost buttery.

Indoors with flash, you can kind of see the silver shimmer now.  :)

As my introduction into BB Couture, I'm a happy camper!  It's pretty, it applied well, it wore well. 

You can purchase BB Couture from their website or from a company called Overall Beauty which ships globally.  Additionally, you can like BB Couture on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Disclosure: The product[s] in this post was [were] provided to me by the company for consideration.  For more information, please read this post.