deborah lippmann Bad Romance

deborah lippmann's Bad Romance is a purple hex and small round glitter in a black base.  It's funny, when I start humming this song, I start singing "Judas" at the same time.  It sounds a bit the same to me!

Okay, I went to YouTube just to see if anyone felt the same - and oh, they have.

Anyway!  I originally bought this color in August of last year, but just let it sit on my shelf... forever.  Well, not forever but still.  I don't know why?!  Purple, glitter, love!

Because I'm used to deborah lippmann glitters being a bit on the sheer side for its base color (black), I used a base coat of Seche Natural, 1 coat of CND Blackjack, then 2 coats of Bad Romance and a top of Seche Vite.  The formula worked SO well with that base coat of Blackjack!  I ended up wearing this for 4 days and took the pictures in day 2 or 3 I believe, which is why there is a bit of tip wear.

Hello sun!  The hex glitter doesn't get on the nail as well as the small round glitter but it's still so pretty.

Check out the richness of the purple in the shade!  Oh I love it.

And an indoors with flash - very nice.  The formula worked well over the coat of Blackjack.  When I tried this color alone, I had to use 4 coats to get the black opaque enough to cover any visible nail.

deborah lippmann [official website] sells for $18 a bottle.  You can also Like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.