BB Couture Sundance

Here's another BB Couture For Men polish today!  It appears that all the men bottles are squared and the women's bottles are round.  Kind of a cute twist.  :)  Sundance is from the Wild West collection.  This was a color that I wasn't too sure about in the bottle.  Orange?  Red orange?  Blarg?

I used a base coat of Grip-Base, only 1 coat of Sundance and a top coat of Top-Rock.  Formula was AMAZING - hello.

Do you see what I see?  Orange shimmer!  It's such a pretty surprise.

Even in the shade this is an amazing color.  I can't believe I was wavering on this!

And finally one indoors with flash - it's almost like little embers.  Totally love this color.

You can purchase BB Couture from their website or from a company called Overall Beauty which ships globally.  Additionally, you can like BB Couture on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

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