Blogs of Note

Happy Easter to those who celebrate!  My 4 year old will probably hunt for some plastic eggs later... it's been in the 90s+ degrees with lots of humidity... not my favorite type of weather, as you can quite imagine.  So I might allow my parents to have their grandparent moment and let them do the hunting, haha.

First today is Polished And Frosted.  Chele is a dear friend of mine from my line of work and I'm really fond of her ^_^.  She has short to medium nails and I'd really love if you visited her blog.  

Next is Polishing The Nails!  She writes in both her native tongue (Danish) as well as English on her posts, which is super helpful.  Also, something I love about her site is she posts her swatches with 1 coat on her pointer, 2 coats on her middle finger, 3 coats on her ring finger and 4 coats on her pinkie - really helps when it comes to judging opacity for polish.  She has short to medium nails.

Last today is PolishMeHappy!!!!  She also has short to medium nails and posts swatches as well as some nail art.

Have a great Sunday!