Blogs of Note

Sorry the lack of posts.  Some awesome stuff happened at work (news here), then I got sick (not fun) and well, it's just been blah here with my arm (inflamed rotator cuff).  So please enjoy these blogs of note while I prepare for another long week with my son's follow up appointment for his surgery 2 weeks ago and another IV infusion for myself!  Fun times!

First today is Polish or Perish.  This is one of my favorite blogs because it's a group of bloggers who all have a lot of education under their belts but also a lot of polish!  I was also super excited when MeganChair joined them - if you've been into blogs in the past year, you may remember MeganChair's Picture Perfect Manicure.

Next is Polish Up.  She has short nails and also features some nail art/stickers.

Last today is Polish Wasteland.  These two ladies have medium nails and also feature some makeup as well.

Well enjoy the rest of your Sunday, or if it's already Monday where you live, happy Monday!