Golden Rose Paris 109

I have another Golden Rose holographic for you today!  Paris 109 Lilac is a light purple holographic (um, duh Krystal) that is almost more pink to me than purple.  I did not use a base or top coat and this is 3 coats of polish.  I do still plan on getting Nfu-Oh Aqua Base probably next month.

You can see a bit of VNL on my pointer finger and just a tiny bit of nail on my ring finger.  I think not only would an Aqua Base work well for this but also even maybe a base colored coat.  You'll see what I mean in another post later this week.  :)

Shade picture isn't as exciting but shade pictures of holographic polishes rarely are.

I felt like including a picture of the bottom of the bottle - I'm obsessed with the holo goodness in each bottle.  

You can purchase Golden Rose polishes from their website.  They offer free shipping for orders over $20 and free samples as well.  Sadly, they do not ship internationally.  You can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.