Golden Rose Holographic 107

In addition to my Golden Rose Paris polishes I bought, I also got 2 of the "Holographic Color Nail Lacquers".  This is a smaller bottle at 6 mL/0.20 Fl Oz (OPI bottles are 15 mL/0.50 Fl Oz) with a smaller price tag (currently $2.19 USD).  It is a tiny little bottle with a square faux top that you can pull off to review a normal round top.  (Side note, I didn't realize that when I painted my nails - I learned it by accident today ^_^)

Once again I didn't use a base or top coat and this is 3 coats of polish.  The formula was nice but I can't wait until I have an Aqua Base coat to try out.  Here is 107 ... I think?  On the website, 107 is listed as purple.  This is totally not a purple.  I THINK this is actually 108 (grey)...

... drool.  I love holographics.  Seriously.

Shade shows that this is definitely more opaque that the Paris version... I definitely like it.

Here's a weird looking indoors with flash picture.  Sorry friends.

I definitely like this one and especially the price.  I kind of wished I had bought more of this line but maybe that will be my next purchase. ^_^

You can purchase Golden Rose polishes from their website.  They offer free shipping for orders over $20 and free samples as well.  Sadly, they do not ship internationally.  You can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


  1. I always visit their website just to look, I'm really tempted to buy some Golden Rose nail polish and you are NOT helping ! LOL
    -I love the gray color of this nail polish (:

  2. I just received my order of these polishes today can't wait to swatch them I can't get over how cheap they were with free shipping I got so many for 20$ thanks so much for posting about them, this gray is pretty I think I got this one yay!