Maybelline Blue Brilliance

I routinely like to visit CVS/pharmacy and Walgreens which, in my town, are literally across the street from each other...  One of my last visits, I spied a display of "Limited Edition" Maybelline.  Now, I don't own any other Maybelline polishes - but Blue Brilliance looked so pretty with a green blue color with tiny flashes of lilac in it (totally not seen in the bottle above).

Even though it considers itself a 50 second nail color, I used my normal routine of a base of Seche Natural, 3 coats of Blue Brilliance and a top of Seche Vite.  After the first two nails, I realized this was going to be a sheer mess for me, so on my last two fingers I did a base of CND Blackjack.  

Okay, can you smell my frustration?  My ring finger is this stroke-mess, my first two fingers are sheer and a brush stroke-mess...  The only thing that redeems this color is all the duochrome (trichrome?) available... purple, blue, green.  LOVELY.  Maybe I should try putting it over a white?

Random shade shot to show you a few more colors this thing bounces off.

Indoor picture to show you a bit more of that purple green blueness.

Honestly, I'm not happy with this one.  I don't like the sheerness, I don't like the brush strokes.  I think I paid $4.50 for this (not 100% sure), and I probably would take it back if I could find my receipt.

Maybelline can be found in various grocery stores.  Check their website for more information.  You can follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook.