Catrice Papagena

Please enjoy the following press release from Catrice

Limited Edition “Papagena” by CATRICE
The new Limited Edition “Papagena” by CATRICE whisks you away to a wild and exotic world from May until July 2011. Confident Amazon warriors prowl along the urban jungle and underline their feminine strength with breathtaking make-up based on rich green and khaki shades interrupted by bright accents in pink, orange and mustard yellow.

This summer, the fashion cities of the world will be transformed into a wild paradise. Mysterious and full of surprises. CATRICE brings the Amazon jungle trend home – and we want it, the most powerful look of the season!

Papagena by CATRICE – Ultimate Nail Lacquer

High color-intensity, perfect shine and up to seven days durability with just one stroke of the brush – this nail polish has been created with true Amazon warriors in mind. Simply paint your nails in the hippest colors of the season and seize the city – this is your mission for summer 2011. Welcome to the Jungle! Available in C01 Enter the Undergrowth, C02 Welcome to the Jungle, C03 Amazonian Gold and C04 Bird of Paradise. Around 2.49 €*.

“Papagena” by CATRICE will be available in stores from May until July 2011.