Urban Decay Summer 2011

Please enjoy these press releases from Urban Decay.


It’s our birthday and we’ll sparkle if we want to! Help us celebrate 15 years of beauty with an edge, and - according to Latin American tradition - our entry into womanhood. Introducing the second of our limited-edition 15-Year Anniversary items: the Quinceañera Bag. Flashy in the coolest of ways, our Quinceañera Bag glitters purple and holds a sh*t ton of your favorite stuff!

• Our glittering purple vinyl cosmetic bag bedecked with signature ‘UD’ stamped golden zipper pulls isn’t just a piece of eye candy to decorate your vanity with (but boy, will it look cute propped up against your mirror). Its large size and rounded rectangle shape, not to mention the see-thru inner pocket, make it top of the list for function too!

• Our Quinceañera Bag unzips around three sides. Throw in all your what-nots (plus the kitchen sink!), and still be able find anything in hurry. You can see deep inside to find even the smallest nub of a lip pencil you have stowed away in there.

• Purple satin lined interior gussets keep your makeup from falling all over the place as you rifle through looking for your favorite UD eye pencil.

• A must have for any UD fan, we lined the Quinceañera Bag with our “UD 15” anniversary ticking pattern, which coordinates with our other anniversary products.

• Don’t worry about your pretty little Quinceañera Bag turning into a hot-mess. All sides inside and out can be wiped down to look like new in a jiffy, no matter how much schmutz gets on it.

The Quinceañera Bag (SRP $26) is available at Sephora, ULTA, and select Macy’s. Or, online at http://www.sephora.com, http://www.ulta.com, http://www.macys.com, http://www.beauty.com and http://www.urbandecay.com.

Lip Love Honey-Infused Lip Therapy

From the mighty Lisa Rinna bouche to the barely-there Kate Hudson pout, all lips need love. Shower your kisser with the finest affection and prove your love with Lip Love Honey-Infused Lip Therapy by Urban Decay. With a honey scent that guarantees you’ll be getting’ some sugar, Lip Love conditioning lip oils keep your lips smooch-able while increasing fullness and giving a hint of tint for that perfect “no-makeup” makeup look we all crave.

• Available in five wooing shades ranging from punchy pink to warm nude, Lip Love Honey-Infused Lip Therapy provides your lips with a sheer/stained effect while nourishing them with gloriously non-greasy lip-conditioning oils. The addictive texture is cushiony with lots of glide and zero stickiness. Our array of colors leaves you with no excuse not to have one in every handbag!

• Our lightly honey scented, highly conditioning formula contains Millet Oil (to heal the delicate skin on lips), Vitamin C (to combat the effects of aging), Jojoba Oil (to replenish moisture and soften the skin), and Apricot Kernel Seed Oil (to boost collagen production from within for increased fullness).

• Making it’s debut in a see-thru tube crowned with a golden cap and embellished with gold text, Lip Love Honey-Infused Lip Therapy features super-soft textured tip made of TPE, ensuring a ‘no muss, no fuss’ application every time!

• “Failbait?” you ask. “What, pray tell does that mean?” Similar in meaning to a ‘cocktease,’ but without mal intent, ‘failbait’ is naturally a coyly flirtatious bird who gets a lot of free drinks at the watering hole without ever putting out.

DRIZZLE - sheer baby pink
FAILBAIT - sheer coral
LOLITA - sheer bright pink
STUNG - sheer blackberry
TAUNT - sheer nude

Lip Love Honey-Infused Lip Therapy (SRP $16) is available at Sephora, ULTA, and select Macy’s. Or, online at http://www.sephora.comhttp://www.ulta.comhttp://www.macys.comhttp://www.beauty.com and http://www.urbandecay.com.

Having trouble getting all of your long-lasting makeup off? Does your waterproof eye makeup seem more like it’s tattooed on? Don’t have a meltdown a la Anne Heche circa August of 2000. We have enough people claiming to be God and promising us a short spaceship ride to heaven. Instead of opting to be a hot-mess, take it all off with Meltdown Makeup Remover by Urban Decay.

• The Andre the Giant of makeup removers, Meltdown is gentle yet crazy powerful. Our newest makeup remover was specifically formulated to remove our longest-lasting and waterproof products by using non-irritating (no sting) ingredients which actually nourish lashes and act as a humectant on the delicate skin around eyes.

• Meltdown’s creamy texture leaves skin clean and refreshed sans the greasy residue one typically associates with emollient makeup removers. Unlike other oil removers, Meltdown’s formula is a creamy gel, so it’s controllable, and won’t run down your face or leak in your gym bag.

• Meltdown Makeup Remover also acts as a skin treatment. Comprised of superfruits like Cranberry and Raspberry Seed Oils, it protects your skin from free radicals. Also included in its impressive roster of fine ingredients are: Sea Whip Extract (an anti-inflammatory), Kuikui Nut Oil (a humectant to aid skin in moisture retention), Oat Oil (encourages collagen production to keep skin looking youthful and renewed), and Beta Carotene (reduces the appearance of wrinkles and smooths the skin’s surface).

• Making its debut in a soft-touch white tube with cutting-edge graphics, you have no excuse not to have a Meltdown! Hell, have a Meltdown in the airport…at 2.5 fl oz., this TSA-approved baby can travel with you anywhere! Accented with our signature ‘UD’ logo in hot-purple, Meltdown Makeup Remover’s screw-on cap is both functional and a visual treat: bright purple inner cap enclosed in a clear outer cap.

• ‘Meltdown’ was used previously as one of Urban Decay’s original shade names for an iridescent blue/purple nail polish that launched the summer of 1998. Not only are many of our products eco-friendly, but on occasion we recycle our names too!

Meltdown Makeup Remover (SRP $24) is available at Sephora, ULTA, and select Macy’s. Or online at http://www.sephora.comhttp://www.ulta.comhttp://www.macys.comhttp://www.beauty.com and http://www.urbandecay.com.

You have to multi-task all day, so your makeup should too! Introducing Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer, a product that does it all: featuring light moisture, just enough color coverage, zero parabens, anti-free radical agents, and SPF 20!

• Our Tinted Moisturizer is sheer with just enough coverage to cover imperfections. Add a little Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup on top and skin looks flawless (while protected)!

• Even girls who usually go bare will love Urban Defense – it never appears heavy or “made up”, even in warm weather or outdoors.

• With just the right amount of tint, light-diffusing pigments in Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizers diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, providing an ever-youthful finish. The formula is buildable and highly breathable, so reapply as needed to get the coverage you desire.

• Our custom multi-mineral complex contains magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc, lysine, and Vitamins A & E to nourish your skin. Anti-oxidants ginseng root extract ginkgo biloba leaf extract help protect against free radical damage…like a big bodyguard for your skin.

• Repackaged by popular demand in a squeeze tube, the new and improved packaging includes a brushed silver metallic cap, and more product at a lower cost!!! Yep, we’ve got your backs!

• Apply Urban Defense after your cleansing/toning ritual by blending with your fingertips or a sponge. Our new squeeze tube allows you control over how much product is dispensed while keeping your makeup hypoallergenic and bacteria-free.

• Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizers look beautiful layered under our Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup…gives an extra level of finish. The sheer shade spectrum works on a very broad range of skin tones.

• Apply some Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finishing Powder on top of Urban Defense. Skin will look naked, but perfect, kind of like Giselle’s ass in those Victoria Secret ads!

Halo - sheer alabaster for fair skin tones
Bodyguard - sheer nude for fair to medium skin tones
Bulletproof - sheer sand for medium skin tones
Forcefield - sheer fawn for medium to dark skin tones

Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizers (SRP $30) are available at Sephora, ULTA, and select Macy’s. Or online at http://www.sephora.comhttp://www.ulta.comhttp://www.macys.comhttp://www.beauty.com and http://www.urbandecay.com.

Baked Bronzer Face and Body

Be mistaken for a naturally bronzed goddess, not George Hamilton, or worse yet, an Oompa-Loompa! Get baked minus the munchies, and flaunt a glowing tan sans the damaging effects of the sun, with Urban Decay’s Baked Face and Body Bronzers now available in new packaging reminiscent of a bohemian Moroccan getaway.

• Look sun-kissed year round with our collection of Baked Face and Body Bronzers, available in three non-orangey shades (Baked, Toasted and Gilded), that guarantee the perfect sunlit appearance on even the palest pallor.

Baked - Add radiance to any look by using our classic bronzer that brightens skin with slight shimmer.
Toasted - Fake an exotic vacation to Tahiti by dusting on a bit of our matte bronzer, the ultimate in optical illusions, for your everyday sunned look.
Gilded - Throw caution to the wind and shimmer yourself silly! We embedded lacey veins of gold into our smoldering bronze shimmer bronzer. The gold adds an illuminated glow to the skin for that extra je ne sais quoi!

• Each bronzer applies to both face and body smoothly, creating a healthy ‘sunned’ look.
• In a quaint Italian village, Baked Face and Body Bronzers are literally baked as dough (rather than being pressed), and cooked on tiny terra cotta dishes for several hours. Before being placed in their compacts, each one is hand finished to perfection by little Italian women. This careful process creates a streak-free golden veil of perfection.
• Our Baked bronzers wear beautifully, applied either wet or dry. Because they are baked rather than pressed, each bronzer bounces back to its micro-fine feel after being used wet without glazing over.

• Bronzer isn’t just for your cheeks! Try using your favorite shade on your eyes as a shadow for an allout, beachy look.
• In a hurry? Pat some on your lips and cheeks, and throw on some gloss, and you’re good to go!
• For the ultimate healthy bronzed glow, dust Baked all over the face, then add a little Afterglow Cheek Tint in Crush to the apples of cheeks.

Baked Face and Body Bronzers (SRP $26) are available at Sephora, ULTA, and select Macy’s. Or online at http://www.sephora.comhttp://www.ulta.comhttp://www.macys.comhttp://www.beauty.com and http://www.urbandecay.com.

Foxify yourself for summer with the Rollergirl Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay. Four shadows, an eye pencil, and a lipgloss provide high-maintenance looks in a ‘toss-it-in-yourpurse- and-go’ kit. Ya dig?

•Rollergirl includes a travel size 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Whiskey.
•For the first time ever in a palette, we have included a travel size of our Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Crush.
•This new summer palette, offers an outta-sight combo of three neutral shadows (Darkhorse, Suspect and Verve) and one pop of bright pink (Woodstock). Create shimmering neutral looks for work, then add a hit of color for happy hour!
•Verve, a totally new shimmering oyster shade, is exclusive to this set.
•Decorated with images of a sexy seventies siren in skates, and embossed with hot pink and gold foil, the Rollergirl Palette embodies summer groove.

Inspiration for the Rollergirl Eyeshadow Palette came from Ms. Decay herself. It was the summer of 1986 when she first kissed a boy in a roller rink at the age of 13.

SUSPECT EYESHADOW - golden w/dimensional shift
VERVE EYESHADOW - pale champagne w/oyster shimmer
WOODSTOCK EYESHADOW - hot pink w/subtle fuchsia shimmer
CRUSH LIP JUNKIE LIPGLOSS - sheer bright hot pink (with vanilla mint flavor)

Rollergirl Eyeshadow Palette (SRP $32) is available at Sephora, ULTA, and select Macy’s. Or online at http://www.sephora.comhttp://www.ulta.comhttp://www.macys.comhttp://www.beauty.com and http://www.urbandecay.com.