Golden Rose Paris 118

Talk about saving the best for last, THIS IS THE BEST ONE I HAVE.  Did I say that loud enough online?  :)  Golden Rose Paris 118 - Black is a charcoal black holo that is reminiscent of my favorite OPI "My Private Jet".

First I was using no base coat and no top coat and 2 coats of polish (see on my index and middle fingers) but then I realized I wanted a base coat so I used one coat of CND Blackjack and then 1 coat of 118.  MAGIC.

Without CND, 118 is a bit watery as you can see a bit of VNL on my middle finger but you add that base coat and BAM.  Hello holo!  Seriously in love.

You can tell how much more pronounced a base coat of black is here in the shade.

And finally an indoors with the flash.  Seriously, this is totally worth purchasing - especially for $3.50 a bottle! I can't wait to wear this again as a full manicure!

You can purchase Golden Rose polishes from their website.  They offer free shipping for orders over $20 and free samples as well.  Sadly, they do not ship internationally.  You can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


  1. I'm looking for something like that! So sparkly.

  2. Wow! That totally kicks Color Club Revvvolution in the teeth. LOL Gorgeous!

  3. This is my fave of Golden Rose. Totally back up worthy & for the price you can't beat it!! ♥

  4. I never heard of this brand. Looks great and nice price!

  5. Amazing! So sad I can't get it over here-I hope they change their mind about shipping overseas =)