essence "You Rock"

Please enjoy the following press release from essence:

essence trend edition “you rock!”

Let the open-air festival season begin – it’s time for loud music, wild hair and partying like there’s no tomorrow! essence has the ultimate must-haves for a cool festival look. With long-lasting textures and practical little helpers for freshening-up on the campsite, the trend edition “you rock!” ensures awesome rock and roll style. From May until June 2011, fans are going to want to hit the stage with these rocking products.

essence you rock! – nailpolish
essence offers the ideal nail polish line-up, with five amazing colors to give your fashion forward festival outfit the final touch. We want to see your hands up in the air! Available in 
01 cut off the beige 

02 love, peace and purple

03 kings of mints

04 let me in pink 

05 speed of light blue

Around 1.49 €*.  essence “you rock!” will be available in stores in May and June 2011.


  1. These look fabulous. Methinks I must away to foreign shores.

  2. i like "cut off the beige". i need a neutral color. :D


  3. I like the minty one!

    Per your Kurt Halsey comment, he is my favorite artist. When I was in high school I literally sat down and forced myself to mold my handwriting as closely as I could to his standard. Seven years later it's ingrained, but it made me really happy to read that you actually recognized something there. High five for being awesome and very perceptive. :-)

  4. Asami!!!! That's so awesome! Haha, small (and awesome) world!

  5. Don't think they're very special, but I like the mint one though.

  6. Is it just me or does it seem like they kind of have a Chanel vibe going on? Similar bottle shape, similar colors.
    cut off the beige = Particuliere
    love, peace, and purple = Paradoxal
    king of mints = Nouvelle Vague
    let me in pink = Riviera
    speed of light blue = Riva

    I'm probably a conspiracy theorist and reading way more into this than I should be, haha! Although, it would be pretty awesome if they were dupish to Chanel.

  7. Amber - it totally looks like it now that you say that!!!