Barielle Unraveled Rust

Howdy!  Sorry for my break - I have a huge bunch of polish to post including the rest of this Barielle fall collection "Style in Argyle."  Worst part is I have the pictures, I just need to edit and write the posts.  Rawr!

This interesting color here is Unraveled Rust.  Despite this weird yellow bottle color, this is actually a burnt rust creme, and you'll be able to tell better in the other pictures.  I'm not sure why it shows up so yellow here - I even double checked my bottles to make sure I didn't mess up the pictures!  I used a base of Seche Natural, 2 coats of Unraveled Rust and a top of Seche Vite.  I did have a wonky brush on this bottle (boo) and I noticed that the formula was a little on the thick side.  I needed quite a bit of cleanup afterwards.

Two different sun pictures here - you can see some of that weird yellow in the bottle, then a muddied brown rust color in the second picture and more of a darker red brown in the first.  This is definitely a unique color.

In the shade, it's a very dark rust brown color - like I said, very unique.  I can't think of another color I have like this in my collection but I'm going to keep looking.  I was very impressed with the uniqueness of this color.  UNIQUE.  ^_^

Barielle retails for $8/bottle.

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