Evil Shades Cosmetics Nightmare

Evil Shades Cosmetics is the company created and run by Andrea who also has her own polish blog Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss.  Back in August of this year, she created and reviewed this custom franken she made called Nightmare which was a blue teal purple holographic duochrome...  Let me just say I really wish this was available in full bottles everywhere.  Because it was her own custom color, I never thought I'd see it anywhere, but she ended up splitting her own bottle up and making mini-bottles for sale.  I didn't realize that at the time, so I bought 4... one for me, and 3 to giveaway.  Oops.  Sorry guys for stealing your Nightmares (heh).

This was not the easiest to photograph, and even then I didn't get the best of pictures.  I used a base of Seche Natural, 3 coats of Nightmare, and a top of Seche Vite.  Either I didn't wait long enough or this is just one of those polishes, but it didn't play nice with the Seche and wrinkled on me.  I have several other brands of top coat to try, so eventually, I'll find one.  First, bottle pictures.

Can you see all that holographic and duochromy goodness?  Loves.

Sun picture - just beautiful.

Shade picture reminds me of wispy smoke.  It's funny because I used to work at a hard rock radio station, and we saw many a CD cover with blue and purple wispy smoke.  It's almost a staple!

Now as I mentioned, I purchased 4 bottles.  While looking at them all, I noticed that it seemed like they were slightly different formulas - one had more duochrome look and the other didn't.

I emailed Andrea who said that she's not too sure what happened but that this was both from the same formula that she made.  Because it's a custom franken color that she made, and not some big batch of polish, there's bound to be some differences.  It almost looks like my bottle on the left was from the bottom of the frankened bottle (where the duochrome had settled in) and the bottle on the right was from the top of her frankened bottle.  Here's the difference on the nail:
Without the purple duochrome, the color base color is lighter but still holographic (you just can't see all the rainbow sparkles).  So what I've done is I'm keeping these two bottles and the other two (which contains one duochromed bottle and one non-duochromed bottle) went into my 500+ readers giveaway.  Have you signed up yet?

I purchased my Nightmare for $3 a bottle but it has now been discontinued.  Check out other makeup from Evil Shades at her website.