Catrice "Glamourama"

In keeping with the latest catwalk trends from the international fashion hotspots, the Limited Edition “Glamourama” by CATRICE is exuding a sense of futuristic disco flair in November and December 2010 with its breathtaking mirror and metallic looks. Make-up styles with a unique mirror-finish and an amazing interplay of icy, metallic colors are combined with velvety red contrasts to create an electrifying atmosphere! Thanks to Glamourama by CATRICE, this festive season is not only going to be super exciting – it will look like it has been immersed in the reflecting lights of a disco ball.

Glamourama by CATRICE – Ultimate Nail Laquer
Metallic must-haves: the limited Ultimate Nail Laquer colors are perfectly in tune with the Glamourama make-up in futuristic silver with mirror-effects, deep violet with fine glitter particles and velvety shades of red and blue. A multi-faceted finish with great coverage and long-lasting texture. Available in 

Mirror, Mirror…

En Vogue

Times Square at Midnight


“Glamourama” by CATRICE will be available in stores in November and December 2010.