Zoya Crystal

When I first heard from a Zoya Fairy that a Crystal would be gracing a nail polish bottle, I nearly jumped out of my skin.  While I knew it was Crystal, not Krystal, I didn't know what color it was going to be, or when it was coming out, but when I got my Flame plate, I nearly died (in a good way).

Crystal is a frosty blue sparkling metallic.  As I mentioned before, I feel like these are very close the summer 2010 Sparkle collection because when I removed the polish, I had tiny microglitter particles all over my fingers that I had to actually wash off with a nail brush in soap and water (which I prefer doing anyway after removing nail polish).  I feel like this color could actually be Edyta's younger sister.  While Edyta was a fern green with a bit of olive gold, Crystal is a light periwinkle blue with yellow gold.  Interesting enough, this is very close to the colors of my Alma Mater, so I'm super excited and had to really swatch this NOW.

I used a base of Zoya Anchor, 2 coats of Crystal and a top of Zoya Armor.  I found the formula to be very smooth, no grittiness with the microglitter/sparkling metallic.  Very lovely.

I mean really, look at that!  Obviously we have some sun action here.  It's finally sunny so I'm swatching as many and as fast as I can while still taking time to record the details.  I'm actually hoping to have all 6 up today - but that's a LOT of blogging.  ^_^

In the shade, you can see more of the gold coming through - it almost reminds me of salt and pepper but instead of black and white it's blue and gold.  Love it.

A rare side bottle shot taking in indirect sun.  The polish almost looks like a foil to me as well - it just lays so well unlike some frosts (which is what I first thought of when I saw this).  Removal was a cinch, just like I said before, a bit of microglitter remained on my nails.  Definitely a unique color - seriously debating on a back up.

Zoya [official website] can be purchased on their website for $7/bottle.

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