Blogs of Note

Happy Sunday!  Here are 3 more blogs for you to check out!
First up is Magic Maid.  She has medium length nails and includes a list of contests and giveaways of her fellow bloggers on her site.  She includes a lot of polishes that I haven't been able to find, which is great because it helps in blind purchasing online.

Next is Temptalia.  Blog owner Christine mainly review makeup but includes nail polish as well.  The majority of her blog is M.A.C. related but she is the absolute go to blog for all new releases, as she is privileged to getting the information or products first.  She has been blogging for at least 4 years that I know of, and has several postings a day, so I recommend using your RSS feed for sure on this one.  She has medium length nails and while I don't absolutely love her nail polish technique of 3 strokes (doesn't always get into the sides), she does always have completely accurate colored and clear pictures.

Last today is Nail of the Day.  My personal friend Cassie is the owner and she is just starting out.  However, she has a big love of polish especially after making several purchases that I had egged her on getting.