MAC Formidable!

When I first heard of the Venomous Villains MAC collection, I was super excited about the three nail polishes.  I went to my local (one hour north) MAC counter, and told the salesperson that I wanted to pre-order all three, and so she took my name down and did just that!  Now, I know that two of the colors are complete dupes for the Orly FX collection, but Orly is HARD to come by where I live.  (Formidable! is a dead on dupe for Orly Galaxy Girl)  Now, granted I say that, and then all of a sudden we get an Ulta (same place as the MAC counter) and they had THREE SETS of Orly FX, but by that time I had already gotten my MACs.  Anywho.

This isn't my first MAC polish but it is the first one on this blog.  I purchased 2 on a whim to try them out but neither color had wowed me so I hadn't worn them out yet.  Formidable! is a dark purple with teal blue shimmer - it's been compared to the color of a bruise.  Now the sun pictures just flat out aren't pretty to me - especially not the bottle.

I used a base of Seche Natural, 3 coats of Formidable! and still had VNL and a top of Seche Vite.  The formula was okay but a bit thin I felt, especially for the price.

Lots of purple here.  It's almost a rusty purple if that makes sense.  Like I said, not a fan of this color in the sun.

However, you get this bottle in the indirect sun or shade and well... let me just post pictures.  First the bottle.

Ooh pretty colors!  Next, indirect sun pictures

See how this gets more interesting?  Finally, shade
I'm still not completely sold on this color but it is very unique in my collection.  I can see this color working all year round because of the flash of teal that you see in the shade.  I'm on the fence.

MAC retails for $13 a bottle and can be purchased at MAC stores, counters or online.  Currently online, Formidable! is sold out and there isn't any word if there will be restocking.  Check your local MAC counter/store!