Blogs of Note

Happy Sunday!  Here are 3 more blogs.
First today is Happy Berry Naiad.  Owner Berry is from Singapore and features a lot of polish that I haven't seen before.  She has medium length nails and does some nail art, but mostly just posts swatches which is great because again, most of it is all so new to me!

Next is I Love Nail Polish.  Owner Wan lives in Canada and has long nails.  She does feature a lot of nail art but also provides picture tutorials which is great.  She also posted a ton of uniquely flavored KitKats which I just recently found out about in the past 2 years and I'm dying to try.  She's been on a bit of a break but it's still fun to read her archives. 

Last today is Konaddict.  She has been on a bit of a break, but you can still search her blog for Konad tutorials.  She wears gel nails but they are medium length and her tutorials seem very easy to replicate which is great for a non-artist like myself.