Blogs of Note

Happy Sunday!  Here are 3 more blogs.

On top of loving nail polish, I also love fonts.  Obsessively so - I have well over 3000 of them.  I can't even have them all installed on my computer because it crashes several programs, but one place that I constantly go for fonts is Amanda's Font for Peas.  She features some of the best handwritten fonts I've ever seen, and even allows you to submit your own handwriting sample for consideration.  She's also helpful with blog design, and that's where I got my custom signature (that's my handwriting by the way) to post on each of my blogs, as well as some other design features.

Second blog today is F-YeahPrettyNails.  As you can see, they actually use the entire F word, but I'm being semi responsible in not saying my favorite curse word.  This is a tumblr account that only features other people's nails (unless stated).  You can submit your nail pictures to her website directly or you might find your handiwork is already there.  There isn't a way to search which I hate, but overall it's super neat to see all the pictures.  Mostly, they are nail art of some kind, but I have seen a few plain jane nails.

Last today is Glitter Millie.  Blog owner Millie was rated one of the top 50 nail blogs by back in August 2010.  She has what I'd call long nails and does a lot of konad and nail art on her nails.  She also has a lot of chatter about her cats, but as a huge cat fan, I love it.  Millie does franken some of her polishes as well and does a great job with her creations.