Blogs of Note

Happy Sunday!  Here are 3 more blogs.
First today is Konadomania.  Despite the name, not all her posts are Konad related but there are a lot of them.  She has medium length nails and sometimes has some makeup posts thrown in there too.

Next is Lacquered Literati.  Owner Legra has been on a break, but you can always search the archives.  She has a lot of shimmer polishes and medium length nails.

Last today is Lextard.  Not only does she review nail polish on her medium length nails, but also makeup sometimes.  She pretty much just does straight swatches linked from her Flickr account, but it's still a great read.



  1. Hi, I just set up mu blog last month, if you're free please check it out, and maybe if it's worthy you could mention it on your next blogs of note? Your blogs of note have introduced me to many lovely bloggers and their polishes.

    Thanks Krystal!

  2. I love your blogs of note posts, makes me discover so many new blogs to add to bloglovin! :) Please keep doing them!