CSN #3 Giveaway

I'm back with another CSN Giveaway!  So as I've shown before in some of my pictures, I currently have all my nail polish on my dining room table.  I have a really nice Drop Leaf Table that my parents actually got from my Dad's sister when they moved into a smaller house.  They gave it to me this summer when I bought their house and I immediately put all my nail polish racks on it (oops).  I have a super long dining room and kitchen but it's rather narrow, so a drop leaf table is perfect because I can have all the leaves in for extra guests, or in my current case, extra racks.

So, let's have a giveaway!  The winner will receive a $45 USD gift certificate to be used on any product in any of CSN's 200+ stores.  Please note that this gift certificate does not cover shipping, but you may choose a product that has free shipping on it.  To make this nice and easy on me, just be a follower through Google Friend Connect (read here on how to join GFC!) and fill out the form!  This is only available to my USA and Canadian friends but no worries, I have something up my sleeve because I just saw that I hit 600 followers!!!

Giveaway ends 26 October 2010 at midnight:01 GMT (or 25 October 7:01 p.m. CST)

This giveaway is now over