Urban Decay Eyeliners

New 24/7 Jackpot on UrbanDecay.com
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I've said it before, I'm obsessed with Urban Decay.  When I saw this email, I immediately clicked on it to buy these eyeliners.  Urban Decay's 24/7 Eyeliners are the ONLY ones that I have been able to use on my waterline without the liner running into my eyes.  I love Zero (their zealous black) and enjoy Ransom (bright iridescent purple) but this includes NINE of them, so I'm stoked.  I already have a full size of Zero (two actually), and a mini of Whiskey from the NAKED palette, and a full sized & mini Ransom (from the Book of Shadows 3), but WHO CARES.  Eyeliner is awesome.  Hah.