Superstar My Stylist Loves Pink

Check out this neon pink!  Superstar My Stylist Loves Pink from the Successory Collection is definitely a hot neon pink.  Like most neons, the color is matte on the nail and will always be brighter with a white base coat, but how many of us are willing to paint our nails before we paint our nails?  (Okay, so most of us probably would, heh.)  This was my first Superstar polish and it was a fun experience.  The top is actually octagon shaped, much like a pencil, so it was easy to hold.  The bottle is your standard 0.5 fl oz with a round top but the bottle is more of a teardrop shaped instead of round.  The formula itself was easy to work with - not too thin and not thick.  Like all neons, this dried matte.  Superstar is formaldehyde and tourmalene free.

I used a base of Seche Natural and 3 coats of My Stylist Loves Pink.  While it's definitely a neon pink there is a slight blue shimmer to it.

This is sun without top coat.  You can see how bright of a color it is.

Here's in the shade without top coat.  My ridges are very obvious, another property of mattes.  You can either buff your nails or use a ridge filling base coat - both Launchpad and Zoya offers one.  I think China Glaze has one as well that's available online.

Of course I can't leave well enough alone, so I added a top coat of Seche Vite.
You can really see the blue shimmer come through here in the sun with the top coat - but then again I saw it without as well.

Here's one more of the color with top coat.  Pretty bright, pretty awesome.

You can purchase Superstar online for $10 a bottle or by calling +1 (517)-214-7201.  They are currently running a special of 5 polishes for $45 (a savings of 10%) that doesn't appear to have an expiration date on it.  Just enter the coupon code 5for45 during checkout.

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