China Glaze Gelato

Tomorrow I have a very important meeting regarding my future (can I get more cryptic?) and I went out and bought a new pair of pants and a top... then it was time to decide my nail polish color.  This is the shirt I'm wearing (regardless of what you think, LOL I've had some choice comments) from Maurices [official website].

I love the pop of pink but I know I can't go as wild with my polish color.  I pulled some colors from the Creme and Glitters collection, and finally decided on China Glaze Gelato.

This is a nice creamy pink with a slight dusty rose tint to it.  I figured it would be a nice neutral shade to go against that hot pink collar.

It was near sundown but I grabbed a couple of pictures - this was in the remaining sunlight - you can see how it's a nice smooth pink almost giving me "mannequin hands".  This was 3 coats, but honestly I should have gone with 2.

And one picture in the shade - again, a nice soft pink.  The application on this was nice and buttery as well, I used 3 thin coats but I ended up smudging it shortly after - got impatient.

Eep!  Web camera fail.  This makes Gelato look very pink - more bubblegum pink.  This was an older picture, as you can tell.

China Glaze [official website] can be found online through several etailers, including my favorite Head2Toe Beauty [official website], Sally's Beauty Supply [official website] as well asTransDesign [official website].