Micabella Pigments

I've always wanted to play with pigments, but never felt comfortable ordering them online just because pigments can be a fickle thing.  Some are okay for eyeshadow but NOT okay for nail polish, etc etc.  Back in early January, I was at the local mall and stopped at a kiosk that was selling what looked like pigments.  Turns out it was Micabella [official website].  The salesperson, a very fast talking 24 year old named Osi, showed me that these pigments could be used as eyeshadow, eye creme (add water), eye liner (add water), mascara (using clear mascara as a base), nail polish (using clear polish as a base), lip gloss (using petroium jelly as a base), and handed me a paper that also mentioned using it with hair gel for your hair, or just lightly dusting it over your skin for a glow.  Micabella is made of 100% pure mica and minerals, and Osi showed to me that you could even eat the pigment without any consequences (I declined to put it on my tongue).

Their promotion was 1 jar for $20, buy 2 get 1 free, or buy 4 get 4 free.  I'm not the best with confrontation with sales people so I went for the 4 for 4, making each pigment pot about $10 a piece.  Bad part is that each pot is small - 2.5 gms/0.1 ounces for the shimmers, 5 gms for the glitters.  The pots were TINY, so I bought some clear jars from TransDesign [official website] (which did have nice fast shipping, although it was $9 for shipping) and depotted them today.  I haven't had a chance to play with them yet, but I wanted to take a few pictures.

Bottom row - L to R
* White (glitter)
* Effervescence (shimmer) which is a cornsilk blue (also, on the website, this is listed as Effervascence)
Purple (glitter)
Silver (glitter)

Second row - L to R
Evoke (shimmer) which is a rust like dusty rose
Vibrance (shimmer) which is a turquoise
Venice (shimmer) which is a dull dusty purple

Top row
Carnival (shimmer) which is an orange gold

I will probably use the Evoke as lip gloss as well because I love that color for lips.