Zoya Color Lock

So as promised, I was going to try my Zoya Color Lock, which I won from their Twitter contest at the end of December.  It's a pretty awesome system that contains 5 (really 6) different components.

First, you clean your nails of any polish, and oil using remove+ which comes in a really neat bottle.  You just have to press the top down, and the remove pools into the well.  I normally use felt to remove my polish, but today I opted for FaceSecrets professional extra large cotton rounds, which I bought from Sally's Beauty Supply.  They are lint free, which makes me a happy camper.

Oh noes, naked nails!  (Left and right, and my wonky right pinkie.  I broke it as a kid, and it healed weird.)

Next is a choice of base coats, get even ridge filling basecoat or anchor basecoat.  get even ridge filling is a white bottle but goes on clear and is there to even out the ridges in your nails (pretty self explanatory!).  anchor is just a normal clear base coat (and according to the product, contains complex protein chains).  I decided to use get even ridge filling on my left hand, and anchor on my right hand.

Step 3 is your choice of polish.  As stated before, I bought Ki for this occasion.  I'll review it in my next post.  The Color Lock paper says to use 2 coats, so I did.

Step 4 is your top coat, armor topcoat & uv block.  You are supposed to apply one coat and then continue to apply a coat every 2 days to extend your color's wear.

The final step is the hurry up speed dry drops which was the item I was most excited about.  I don't own any drops like this, but had a stylist use it on my pedicure once.  I actually screwed this up, because you are supposed to apply it to the base of your nail, tilt your hand downwards and allow the product to spread naturally.  Instead, I had my hand flat, and dropped the product in the middle.

After this step, you are supposed to let your nails dry for 5 minutes.  Well, I've been too spoiled by Seche Vite because I just went about my afternoon, and aaaaaaaaaaa.  First my son needed a new diaper.

Then I was trying to check if the polish was dry.

Oh yeah, and I'm just clumsy.

So sadly, I'm going to have to take this all off and try again when I have the day to myself, to allow for proper drying... and so I don't have to take random pictures of the stages.  

Also in the Color Lock system was a renew polish rejuvenator which is basically a polish thinner I think, but you can also use it the base coat and top coats as well!  That's pretty awesome.  One product, three different uses.

Disclosure: The product[s] in this post was [were] provided to me by the company because of a Twitter giveaway.  For more information, please read this post.