Claire's Magic with Nfu-Oh 40

On Tuesday, I stopped at Claire's and found some crazy Jolly Rancher scented nail polish and the manager told me that all cosmetics were buy one, get the second one half off - so I started looking at the 3-1 Color Polishes but some jerk had shaken up the bottles, and then I found this.

Claire's Magic is a beautiful dark purple with a dusty rose shimmer to it.  I thought it was originally a duochrome, but especially on the nail I saw that it was really a shimmer.  Because of the half off sale for this, I paid a whole $2 (instead of the normal retail of $4).  Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of just the Magic because I was way too excited for this.

Nfu-Oh 40!!!!  This is a green and blue flakie suspended in a clear polish.  Flakies are awesome - it's not glitter, it's not a shimmer... it reminds me of mica flakes.  Depending on the light, you either see a deep royal blue or a emerald green.  This is definitely more expensive at $12.50 a bottle, but I received free shipping so that helped.

Here's a couple of sunlight pictures and you can tell the Magic has the red shimmer, and you can see a strong blue flakie.

A couple of pictures in the shade - now you can see the deep purple shade with the green flakie.  This was a seriously fun manicure to wear.  I originally called this my stepchild to Scrangie from Rescue Beauty Lounge, but especially with it on, there's no comparison - it's pretty but it's no Scrangie :)

Claire's is available world wide or online [official website] and I purchased Nfu-Oh at [official website].