Zoya Ki

I love duochromes.  There's just something about a polish throwing off several colors, that makes me happy.  Zoya Ki is a beautiful oil-slick effect purple & green duochrome that is just wild.  The polish was pretty easy to apply except for this:

Grr brush!

Overall, I really liked this color and can't wait to wear it in the sunshine - it was impossible to photograph, which always happens with duochromes... and purples...

You either see the green

Or a pretty purple

Zoya [official website] can be purchased on their website.


  1. *jaws dropped* I think I may be drooling. Yep, I am! All the magnificent color changes... LUV!

  2. Seriously, it's so pretty I haven't taken it off just yet, but I will because I smudged and chipped it so badly.

  3. did you get this in corpus? because I live here too :)

  4. I did! I got it from the Bella Bella hair salon that's located off Weber Street. http://www.bellabellahairsalon.com/