Zoya Remove+ vs Seche Erase

If you're like me, you have what happens when it's time to remove polish.  The smell, the cold feeling of acetone on your fingers, scrubbing forever with glitters...

I mentioned before in my nail care post that I use Zoya Remove+ almost exclusively now.  I do use studio 35 beauty polish remover to clean up the edges of my manicure using an ordinary paint brush, and I have a few other jars and bottles of drugstore polish remover around too.

Then I heard about Seche Erase which sounded a lot like Zoya Remove+ all the way down to the slight lavender floral smell.  Problem was I couldn't find Seche Erase anywhere.  No salons or stores carried it and I didn't find it on most of my normal etailers.

Cue TransDesign [official website] again.  Now, here's the issue.  One 8 fl oz bottle of Zoya Remove+ sells for $9.99 on Zoya's website (also the same price in the salon that I frequent).  Seche Erase was only available in 1 fl oz bottles for $1.28 on TransDesign, so I bought 6 of them.  They are relatively the same price though, when you add it up.  The bottles are also quite different.  Zoya Remove+ features the "big flipper" top which has a plunger that when pushed, pools remover into the slightly curved top through 3 holes.  I normally only need one plunge to clean several fingers.  Seche Erase is in a squeeze bottle that you have to manually squeeze onto your removal pad of choice (I use cheap felt found in craft stores, cut into squares).

Application removal wise, I really found both to be the same - both removed the polish quickly, effectively, and had the same good smell, not like normal polish removers.  The ingredients appears to be alike as well except Seche Erase has some oils involved to help with the harshness that is nail polish remover.

Zoya Remove+
* 2-propanone
* Water
* Glycerine
* Fragrance
* D&C Violet #2

Seche Erase
* Acetone
* Water

* Lavadula Angustifolia (Lavender) extract
* Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil
* Melaleuca Altermifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil
* Butylene Glycol
* Benzophenone-1
* Violet 2

Now I must be honest, while typing this out, my eyes bugged out a bit at the Melaleuca.  When my family first moved back to Texas from Oregon, my Dad's friend was selling Melaleuca products and my Dad, being a good friend, bought a little of EVERYTHING.  We had Melaleuca juice, Melaleuca lotions, and the one that killed me, Melaleuca laundry detergent.  My Mom washed all our clothes in it, and we all broke out into this horrible itchy terrible rash.  The only thing that had changed was the laundry detergent, so we threw out all the Melaleuca products and haven't looked back since.  However, Melaleuca Altermifoilia appears to be quite different because I've used Tea Tree shampoo for years without any side effects - in fact it's produced to do the opposite - relax the skin, not irritate it.  I also didn't notice any irritation with the Seche Erase, and as a test, spread it on my palms and back of my hands to see if a rash developed.  Thankfully, nothing happened but wet palms and hands.

I'm going to keep using these both alternatively, especially with a glitter - that's my true test.  Finally, I leave you with a comparison shot of the two bottles side by side.