Spa Ritual - Shower The People

Yesterday, I decided that I deserved a massage, so I set up an appointment at a national chain called WoodHouse Day Spas [official website].  They had a nice polish room set up, but I didn't have a lot of time to wander around because I got lost on my way there, but I had read a bit about the polish that they carry, Spa Ritual.

Spa Ritual [official website] is a line I had never heard of but frankly, looked pretty awesome.  The thing that immediately drew my eye is what they call their "plum cap" which is just a non-slip grip rubber like bottle handle which helps in bottle opening, and well, feels cool.  Spa Ritual uses vegan products, is big 3 free, and are naturally colored (not sure how?).  I purchased two bottles but at $10 each, they are definitely on the pricey end for me.

Spa Ritual Shower the People is actually a glitter top coat, but I didn't read that fine print at first (oops).  It's a clear base with itty bitty purple and blue microglitter.  

I was SUPER excited to try this, and so I tried layering over black (China Glaze Liquid Leather in the picture), but also layered over white (which you couldn't tell), and I put 4 coats on by itself but none of it translated into picture form.

Very pretty but I'm really torn on the price tag.  It's very hard to see the purple and blue microglitter, but those are my absolute favorite colors and you add them together, and I'm in love.  I like that they are all about using natural vegan products because I'm sure it's good for me, but I wouldn't know the difference if anyone hadn't told me beforehand.  Still, this will be a nice addition to my collection.