Essie Glamour Do

Essie has joined Twitter [official Twitter page] and so I figured no time like the present to swatch the only Essie in my collection Essie Glamour Do.  This was a promotion from Glamour [official website] magazine's 70th anniversary and the first 5,000 people to go to Glamour's website back in March 2009 and enter their information, won a bottle.  I don't know what number I was, but I was in the 5,000!

Free is free, and this was one tiny bottle, at only 0.16 fluid ounces compared to others which are normally around 0.5 fluid ounces.  Even the China Glaze Matte Magic was 0.325 fluid ounces.  Here's my bottle next to a bottle of Seche Vite top coat.

Glamour Do is a very sheer, very light pink.  It took me 5 coats to get this level of opacity, and as you can see, I smeared my pointer finger.  By the time I was done taking pictures, I smeared my ring ringer too, hah.  Overall it's a pretty color, but I'd probably use it either as a layer color over white, or just as a quick sheer for the day.

Essie can be purchased on their website [official website] or etailers like Head2ToeBeauty [official website] or TransDesign [official website]


  1. I love freebies, although they could have created something a bit more original! Still, you can't complain when it's free. I have free nail polish from UK Glamour as well :)

  2. Thanks! There is a "local" (1 hour by car) place that sells Essie, so I may go get a few bottles to play with.

  3. I had stated I was NOT a fan of mannequin hands, but I take that all back. I LOVE this color on you! It looks so soft and natural.