CND Indian Rhubarb & Violet Shimmer Effects

So last week, I got home and there was this little box from CND (Creative Nail Design) at my doorstop.  The bad part is that it wasn't my name but it was my address.  After posting on Twitter and talking to other bloggers, I was reminded that I had filled out a survey on their website [official website] awhile back, and turns out I won!  Well, I think I won... it was my address...  Oy.  I've read a few other bloggers who said that it was just a mail merge problem - so I think I'm a winner and someone got a box with my name, but their address.

CND complete redid their polish line, removing all their old polishes and coming up with a new concept - 50 "base" colors and 15 "effect" colors.  You take a base color, then layer it with an effect color.  Here is an amazing blog from The Edge of Sanity where she swatched several of them. [CND Effects: The Pile Up!]

From what I've read, all the winners received CND Indian Rhubarb #528 as their color.  Indian Rhubarb is listed as a Warm Opaque.  It's a solid cherry tomato red that goes on smoothly in one coat.  However, some winners received Copper Shimmer and some received Violet Shimmer.  I received CND Violet Shimmer #558 which is listed as a Cool Sheer.

I used only the Indian Rhubarb on my middle and pinky fingers, and Violet Shimmer on my pointer and ring fingers.  Here are pictures in the sun.

I also took some shade pictures - you can really see the shimmer here.

Indian Rhubarb is definitely a show stopping red - It's a little starking for me but the Violet Shimmer makes the color more wearable for me.  I'm still trying to embrace starking colors.  I also really would like to try more of the "effects" line.  I found the colors for $4.50 and the effects for $5.50 on both TransDesign [official website] and Head2ToeBeauty [official website].

Disclosure: The product[s] in this post was [were] provided to me by the company because of a website survey giveaway.  For more information, please read this post.