Zoya Color Lock & Polishes

At the end of December, Zoya [official website] was having a Twitter Giveaway where you had to be in the first 10 people to RT (retweet) their messages in order to win the item.  I watched that thing like a HAWK.  No joke, I set my Twittelator [official website] up on my iPhone, had my echofon (formally TwitterFox) [official website] open on my Mozilla Firefox, had their actual Twitter page [official website] open and was hitting F5 like a madwoman AND I had the mobile alerts turned on so I could be sure to hit that RT button the second they posted.  My madness paid off.

Forty eight dollars of free nail goodness!  I absolutely love the remove+ polish remover (as seen by another post) but I'm new to all these other beauties...

get even: ridge filling basecoat
anchor: basecoat
armor: topcoat/UV block
hurry up: speed dry drops (I'm most excited to try this)
renew: polish rejuvenator

For whatever reason, I had no idea the bottles were so BIG.  The remove+ is 8 fl oz and the other 5 bottles are all 0.5 fl oz.  I can't wait to try this system out and see how well it really works.

In celebration, I went to Bella Bella Hair Salon in Corpus Christi [official website] which is the only place I know of that sells Zoya, and picked up two that caught my eye.

Man, please excuse all the icky pictures - I'm in a hurry to get to bed, or more likely "get my son to bed."  Haha.  I was a little taken back by some sticker shock - on Zoya's website, you can buy the polishes for $6/piece, but at the salon they were over $7.50 once tax was added in.  I'm used to my $3.50/bottle China Glaze!  I have a few more Zoyas, all bought during Zoya's promotions - most notably Green Friday when you spent $20 or more and received 6 of their favorite greens for free.  I'll blog about my results as time goes on.

Disclosure: The product[s] in this post was [were] provided to me by the company because of a Twitter giveaway.  For more information, please read this post.